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What are the benefits of joining CAC2?

There are many benefits to joining CAC2. The primary benefit to you is the opportunity to establish stronger relationships and increased trust for coordinated action and collaboration with other groups and individuals who advocate for children with cancer. Other benefits include:

  • Increased information‐sharing: who’s doing what, successes, best practices, opportunities to work together
  • Stronger capability to facilitate coordinated action across the community
  • More comprehensive, readily available information on research and treatment projects funded by members
  • Better, faster access to information and resources for patient and family support
  • Enhanced integration of national and grass‐roots advocacy efforts
  • Optimal use of valuable human resources for collaborative initiatives

How do childhood cancer patients, survivors, and their families benefit from CAC2?

  • One‐stop source of information on organizations providing services and resources to patients, their families, and others in their support networks
  • Reduced frustration in finding important information and organizations that can help in the face of overwhelming situations
  • Enhanced levels and types of support and resources for patients, survivors, and their families and friends
  • Accelerated advances in research and treatment ‐‐ more targeted, less toxic therapies,and eventually, cures for childhood cancers

What membership categories are there?

There are two classes of Voting Members:

  • Organization Membership – For childhood cancer organizations and coalitions and notfor‐profit organizations with a primary interest in childhood cancer issues.
  • Individual Membership – For individuals (advocates, doctors, nurses, scientists, etc.) not currently serving on the board or staff of any member organization.

What Right Do Members Have?

  • Vote for Board
  • Approve and Amend By‐Laws
  • Access to Research Database
  • Access to Family Services Database and Listserve
  • Access to Advocacy Support Alerts
  • Access to Website
  • Access to e‐Newsletter and Other Internal and General Communications
  • Invitation to Annual Meeting
  • Provide Feedback for Future Projects
  • Participate in Projects
  • Serve as Officer
  • Serve as Board Member
  • Serve as Committee/Project Team Moderator
  • Serve as Committee/Project Team Member
  • Can Provide Additional Financial Support or Sponsorship

What Responsibilities Do Members Have?

  • Members agree to support CAC2 initiatives by participating on committees and project teams.
  • Members agree to participate in the dues process.
  • Organization Members pay on sliding scale based on size of the organization
  • Individuals Members pay flat rate

Are There Other Ways to Be Involved with CAC2?

  • Associate Membership – Free for staff and board members associated with a CAC2 Organization Member. [NOTE: associate members would have access to information, mailings, opportunities to participate, but not governance voting.]
  • Student Membership – Free for students [NOTE: student members would have access to information, mailings, opportunities to participate, but not governance voting or board service]
  • Supporting Organizations – For organizations that do not qualify as Organization Members, but want to participate in projects, receive updates, and provide support.

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