Great Idea Form

Once you have formed your idea, you have to drive it through the Support Gate. That means thinking through your idea, getting the basics down on paper, and using those basics to complete this short form. When you finalize this form, CAC2 members review it. If at least half of the targeted members agree that it’s worth pursuing, we'll contact you.

Your Information

Project Idea Title

Brief and descriptive
75-char limit

Project Idea Description

Describe your project idea. Be persuasive, brief and succinct.
1500-char limit

Goals and Expected Outcomes

  • Who will benefit?
  • What's the value?
  • What does done look like?
500-char limit

Major Tasks

What are the key tasks to make the idea a reality?
500-char limit


What are the key resources to make the idea a reality?
500-char limit

Expected Interest

Specify who will be interested in this project (by mission, size, region, or all)
500-char limit


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