Incorporating Genomics into Pediatric Cancer Trials

During our March All-Member and Community webinar, our guests discussed the findings and outcomes of the February NCI scientific workshop dedicated to childhood cancer genomics.  To view and hear this presentation:

Incorporating Genomics into Pediatric Cancer Trials: A Summary of the NCI Workshop on Pediatric Cancer Genomics for Advocates

 On February 4 and 5, the National Cancer Institute hosted a scientific workshop focused on childhood cancer genomics. Scientist and researchers from around the world met to discuss the state of genomics research in pediatric cancer and what opportunities exist for research going forward. The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer and the Alliance for Childhood Cancer co-hosted this debriefing webinar featuring workshop attendees, Dr. Greg Aune (NCI-NCRA, pediatric oncologist-UTSA, and pediatric cancer survivor), Susan Weiner (Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy), and Donna Ludwinski (Solving Kids’ Cancer) to inform the pediatric cancer community about this meeting.

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