CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit

The purpose of the Survivorship Toolkit is to gather, cultivate, create, and provide comprehensive resources for various survivorship challenges and concerns that need to be further explored and expanded.

The CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit will provide information for childhood and AYA (adolescent and young adult) cancer survivors and their families, that will thoughtfully address the spectrum of challenges that are often faced after treatment. Several wonderful survivorship toolkits exist, but they typically address a limited number of topics. This initiative is designed to collect resources and information in one comprehensive place, without recreating the wheel. This will allow us to highlight organizations that have built reliable and dependable resources, and create additional resources that have been desperately needed for some time but have not yet become available.

A variety of experts, childhood cancer survivors, and parent advocates have worked tirelessly to make the Survivorship Toolkit a reality. Finally, survivors of all ages and all levels of ability can have one resource to turn to for information and resources to help enhance their quality of life!

The CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit Objectives

  1. To create a childhood cancer community-wide space to outline information and resources to support childhood cancer survivors and their families.
  2. To empower survivors to better understand the status of their health, and potential to develop side effects throughout the lifespan in order to make health-conscious decisions, be a successful self-advocate, and attain a higher quality of life.
  3. To network agencies, nonprofits, and parent advocates to align messaging when discussing childhood cancer survivorship and quality of life post treatment.

Survivorship Toolkit Introduction

The audience for this project includes: 

  • Survivors
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Other family members 
  • Those who engage with survivors:

The CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit has been divided into six different categories:

  • Educational Guidance and Planning
  • Insurance and Financial Health 
  • Managing Physical Health and Late Effects
  • Psychosocial/Emotional Health/Wellbeing
  • Transitioning to Adulthood
  • Wellness/Healthy Behaviors

If you are aware of valuable resources that deserve to be included, or wish to get involved with the CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit in any way, please contact: