To raise childhood cancer awareness nationally and unite the childhood cancer community to advocate and represent Australia’s children as ‘One Voice Against Childhood Cancer’

We hope to achieve our mission through the following:

1) Support and promote the initiatives of childhood cancer groups and organisations

2) Provide a voice for children, adolescents and families affected by childhood cancer

3) Operate as a ‘campaign only’, therefore we shall not fundraise, nor duplicate the work of others

TheTruth365-Australia Incorporated is registered with the Australian Charities and Non-profit Commission (ACNC) under the following categories:

1) Advancing Health (children)
2) Institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or the control of diseases in human beings
3) Promote or oppose a change to law, government policy or practice

ABN: 31712893244 (inclusive of tax exemption and DGR status)

Phone: 610-466-345147
Geographical Areas: Local, Regional, National, International (Headquartered in Aldinga Beach, SA, Australia)
Director: Declan Griffin
Family Support
Research Funding

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Join Us!

There are many benefits to joining CAC2. The primary benefit to you is the opportunity to establish stronger relationships and increased trust for coordinated action and collaboration with other groups and individuals who advocate for children with cancer.

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Project Incubator

We help childhood cancer advocates and organizations incubate and hatch golden egg ideas for our members to share. If you think you have an idea worth rolling out into the community, we want to help you.

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