CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest (June 3-9)

Assorted News from the Last Week:

Research from the University of Birmingham could pave the way for using MRI scanning combined with machine learning to assess medulloblastomas for their ‘signature’ metabolic profiles without the need for invasive biopsy and could rapidly reduce the current 3-4 week wait from presentation to full diagnosis.

CAC2 Student Member Joshua Omale blog post: Empowering Communities: Driving Childhood Cancer Awareness from the Grassroots

Update on Cancer Predisposition Syndromes and surveillance guidelines for childhood brain tumors

Results from the first 384 participants of the Australian Zero Childhood Cancer national precision medicine program (ZERO) show a precision medicine approach achieved significant survival benefits in children with high-risk cancer.

Paediatric Strategy Forum for Medicinal Product Development of PI3-K, mTOR, AKT and GSK3β Inhibitors in Children and Adolescents with Cancer

Upcoming Webinars, Online Opportunities, and Meetings:

Register for the Making It Better at the 7th Annual FACTOR Conference in June 20-22, 2024—an intimate gathering shaping the future of osteosarcoma care. Connect with more than 60 dedicated doctors and researchers, resilient patients and families, and insightful scientific panels in thoughtful discussions, shared experiences, with a touch of fun.  For information and to register.

Join Camp Erin for a two-day photography virtual event to explore the use of photography as a unique form of grief expression. Attendees will learn basic photography skills and incorporate the use of imagery in expressing thoughts and feelings difficult to share in words. This online event will serve teens and young adults grieving the death of a significant person in their lives.  Evenings on June 22 and June 29. For information and to register.

Triage Cancer is presenting a webinar for caregivers on June 27, 2024 at 1:00 ET.  Learn about the rights of caregivers at work, how to replace lost wages while acting as a caregiver, and practical tips to support caregivers. We’ll also talk about community resources available to caregivers. For information and to register.

The 21st International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology (ISPNO 2024) from June 29 – July 2, 2024, and the Annual Meeting of the Brain Tumor Group of SIOP Europe (SIOPE-BTG) from June 28-29, 2024, which will take place in Philadelphia, PA.  For information and to register.

56th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP 2024), which will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA | October 17-20, 2024. Registration is open and anyone who registers before July 17, 2024 can take advantage of the discounted rates.

Past Recordings

Watch: FDA Pediatric ODAC discussion of RACE Act

Take Action:

Try out the monthly donation platform dedicated to childhood cancer that helps nonprofits and warrior-parents team up to raise money for research, family support, and advocacy offered at no charge by Hello Cure. 

The Children’s Cancer Cause announced that the organization is accepting applications for its 2024 Survivorship Champion’s Prize. This $10,000 annual award is presented to a group, program or institution making significant advances in programs and services to provide life-long health maintenance for survivors of pediatric cancers.

CAC2 Student Member Na Ouyang, MSN, RN (PhD candidate, Yale School of Nursing) is conducting her dissertation study, which focuses on exploring how clinician-parent communication influences parents’ preparation for their child’s end-of-life and then impacts parental grief in early bereavement. Click here for information and details.  Click here for the IRB Approval document.

Announcing a new Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI)–related Request for Proposals (RFP). The RFP invites proposals from organizations able to perform molecular profiling using specimens from children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer. Submissions will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. ET on June 14, 2024.


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