CC Community News Digest (November 23-29)

Assorted news from the last week:

CAC2 Member Carolyn Breinich explains how her personal experience with childhood cancer and a fortuitous meeting with Mariah Forster Olson at the 2019 CAC2 Summit led them to a friendship and a partnership in Better Together.

Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc. has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for a new treatment option for a certain type of neuroblastoma.

A consortium of researchers delved into the molecular details of 218 pediatric brain tumors, analyzing the genes, proteins, and RNA transcription that allow these cancers to proliferate. This analysis, which identified a number of unique proteins created by different types of brain tumors, allowed the researchers to draw connections between the presence of certain proteins and a patient’s prognosis.

CAR T-Cell therapy shows signs of anti-tumor activity in pediatric neuroblastoma patients.

FDA granted both the Rare Pediatric Disease Designation (RPD) and Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) to Hillstream’s HSB-888 for Osteosarcoma.

Kimberly D. Miller, MPH, the leader author of a recent study that analyzed AYA incidence and mortality by age group (older teens, twenties, and thirties) found that adolescents and young adults face significant disparities in cancer incidence rates and survival outcomes

Upcoming Webinars and Online Opportunities:

Dr. Jim Doroshow and Dr. Warren Kibbe will be providing the Board of Scientific Advisors (BSA) and the National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) with an update on the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) Wednesday, December 2 at about 1:00 p.m. EST during the final joint meeting of 2020.  You can view the agenda here, and tune in live via

Childhood Cancer:  Cross-Sector Strategies for Prevention, Wednesday, December 2, 11am – Noon ET

Please register to attend the  9th ACCELERATE Paediatric Oncology Conference, 4-5 February 2021 (EU afternoons, US mornings).  The annual ACCELERATE Conference aims to strengthen international cooperation between academia, parent groups, biopharma companies, regulatory bodies and HTA bodies to improve and speed up the global development of new paediatric oncology drugs.  Please consider attending to:
  • LEARN from recent successes in paediatric oncology drug development worldwide;
  • HEAR about the latest regulatory updates in Europe and America;
  • DISCUSS in breakout sessions how to accelerate implementation new oncology drug development for children in this new global landscape;
  • SHARE advancements in the ACCELERATE program: Paediatric Strategy Forums and Working Groups (FAIR Trials, International Collaboration, Long Term Follow-Up Needs, Fit For Filing) and what is in the pipeline; and
  • STRENGTHEN multi-stakeholder international collaboration.