Coping with COVID-19: An Informative Conversation for Families in the Childhood Cancer Community

This collaborative community discussion effort was due in part to childhood cancer groups coming together as part of CAC2.

CAC2 salutes Members Solving Kids’ Cancer, Momcology, Ty Louis Campbell Foundation, and the Max Cure Foundation who worked collaboratively with Friends of Karen to host an expert-led community discussion for families about Covid-19.

Watch the presentation by clicking the image below or by visiting .

The community is invited view the presentation of a timely and informative community discussion related to COVID-19 as we approach the fall season and the many changes (besides the beauty of autumn) that are on the horizon. 

Covered topics include

  • What science is saying about COVID-19 in children and vulnerable childhood cancer patients
  • What can we expect for transmission rates after the summer?
  • Vaccines – what to expect, what’s the promise, and how to approach
  • Returning to school in various scenarios – impact on patients, siblings and parents
  • Stress, anxiety and coping with COVID on-top-of pediatric cancer and how to approach personal risk/benefit decisions 

The discussion was led by:

Jeffery Auletta, MD – Director of the Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) and Host Defense and Immunocompromised Infectious Diseases Programs at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Rhonda Ryan, LMSWDirector, Family Support Program, Friends of Karen 

-Kim Buff – Founder and Executive Director, Momcology 


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