Sep 14 2021


11:00 am - 2:00 pm

2021 CureSearch Summit: Biorepository Form and Function

The CureSearch Summit serves as a unique platform for driving critical stakeholder collaborations to accelerate the pace of pediatric drug development. The 2021 CureSearch Summit will be hosted as a series of four virtual sessions focused on The State of Solid Tumor Biopsies. CureSearch’s Scientific and Industry Advisory Councils have shared that, scientifically, more tumor tissue samples will promote the development of new therapies and diagnostics for pediatric solid tumors. Because solid tumor biopsies are difficult to perform outside of the time of diagnosis or recurrence, creative approaches to sample collection and sharing must be identified. Representatives from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, patient advocacy groups, patient families, and regulatory entities will convene to address the issue of limited and inaccessible patient samples for the advancement of pediatric cancer research.

The September session is the final in this four-part series and will address biorepository form and function. This session will provide insight into biorepositories, specifically how tissue is acquired, the types of samples and data that biorepositories house, and their accessibility.

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