May 21 2022

TimeEastern Time Zone

10:00 am - 6:30 pm

Triage Cancer Online Conference – Free

Triage Cancer Conferences include sessions on:

  • Being an Empowered Patient and Advocate
    • How to Get More Involved in Cancer Community Advocacy Efforts
  • Health Insurance: Understanding Your Options & Using Your Coverage
    • Health Insurance Terms You Need to Know
    • How to Choose Between Health Insurance Plans
    • Making the Most of Your Health Insurance Coverage
    • Health Consumer Protections
    • Government Health Care Programs (e.g., Medicare & Medicaid)
    • What to do When You Lose Coverage Through Your Employer (e.g., COBRA & Marketplace)
    • What to Do When an Insurance Company Says No
  • Practical Tools for Managing Medical Bills, Your Financial Health, & Estate Documents
    • How to Rebuild Your Financial Health
    • Where to Access Financial Assistance
    • Thinking Creatively About Financial Resources
    • What Documents You Need
    • Financial Decisions to Protect Your Family
    • Making Sure Your Wishes are Honored
    • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney for Financial Affairs
    • Advance Health Care Directives, POLST
  • Employment Issues: Working Through Treatment and Taking Time Off
    • How to Get Help Working Through Treatment or Returning to Work
    • Employment Rights as a Caregiver
  • Disability Insurance: Options, Applications, & Appeals
    • How to Take Time Off and Get Paid
    • How to Apply for Disability Insurance
    • What to Do When a Disability Insurance Company Says No


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