CAC2 Webinar– CAC2’s Searchable Website to Match Like-Minded Organizations

In celebration of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we hosted Melisse Skelton (CureSearch) and Oscar Ortiz (SebastianStrong) who used the occasion of our September CAC2 All-member webinar to explain the latest project that is developing in the CAC2 Project Incubator.


We learned about a new project proposed by CAC2 members to create a searchable website for organizations with like-minded missions to connect, collaborate, fund research and other projects with a goal of preventing duplication of effort and creating a more coordinated funding effort to support researchers. This database will be used to match key stakeholders (CAC2 foundations) and facilitate collaboration as well as to create a more efficient process to enable the limited (and sometimes fragmented) resources in the childhood cancer world to be best leveraged. The website will match foundations based on pre-selected requirements and allow further one-on-one conversations between organizations.


Feedback will be collected after the webinar.  Then you will receive further information and instruction about this project and the next stages of the project incubator process.  The aim is for the membership to have an endorsement and involvement vote concerning the project by the end of next month.


You can can view the webinar and slide deck below.

The panelists graciously allowed us to share their slide deck as well.

CAC2_Foundation Match CAC2