RESEARCH & TREATMENT – Current Projects

Ethics Think Tank

The Ethics Think Tank team employs the scientific method to identify and explore the ethics of research funding within a landscape that includes academics, industry, regulatory, and patients. This group’s first project has been presented at an international conference and published. The team is constantly evolving and during the next phase called the Patient Advocate Industry Relationships (PAIR) Project, the team will draw on extant resources and developing new resources to assist non-profit organizations as they strive to support pediatric cancer drug development ethically.


Foundation Match for Joint Research Funding

Supported by Focused Ultrasound Foundation.

The foundation match for joint research funding team has built a searchable web platform for CAC2 member organizations with like-minded missions to connect, collaborate, and fund research and other projects with a goal of preventing duplication of effort and creating a more coordinated funding effort to support research.  


International Cancer Research Partnership Database

In 2015, CAC2 joined forces with the International Cancer Research Partnership database (  Since then, almost half of CAC2 research members have contributed their funded projects to be listed and cataloged in the ICRP database.

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