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In 2015, CAC2 joined forces with the International Cancer Research Partnership database (  Since then, almost half of CAC2 research members have contributed their funded projects to the ICRP database.

The International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP) is a unique alliance of cancer research organizations that shares funding information to enhance global collaboration and strategic coordination of research between individual researchers and organizations.  Collectively, it houses over $70 billion in cancer research studies from 137 distinct organizations, and is a powerful conduit to facilitate collaboration between organizations and avoid duplication.

The addition of CAC2 member projects has helped the ICRP database represent a more complete picture of childhood cancer funding around the world. This analysis highlights the focus areas of childhood cancer research initiatives, the shifting research climate, and the growth of childhood cancer projects in the ICRP portfolio.

CAC2’s partnership with ICRP allows our members to share their funded research projects and to view other funded projects to gain powerful insights and a deeper understanding of research conducted around the world.  Together we are making the database more robust and creating a more accurate picture of the childhood cancer research landscape.

Share Your Funded Research Project

Since 2015, almost 40% of CAC2 Research Member organizations have contributed 850+ scientific research projects to the ICRP database, which represents 16% of all childhood cancer projects in the database.

With additional data submissions, the ICRP will paint a more accurate picture of childhood cancer research across the world. YOUR continued contributions also ensure that the broader cancer research community recognizes the importance of childhood cancer research.

All CAC2 members are encouraged to submit their funded research projects to ICRP.

Conduct Your Own Research

Through comprehensive data search and analysis capabilities, CAC2 members uncover powerful insights and gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Trends in cancer research funding
  • Research areas being funded (CSO), e.g. clinical, basic,translational, survivorship, etiology, etc.
  • Funding profiles across different countries and organizations
  • Gaps in funding for certain types of cancer research
  • Ideas for maximizing research efforts
  • Identifying opportunities for strategic collaboration between funding organizations


To access the ICRP Database, follow the steps below to register and get started.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login”
  3. Click “Register” at the bottom
  4. Follow instructions (if your organization is not listed: select “CAC2-Coalition Against Childhood Cancer”)
  5. You will be contacted by ICRP within 2 business days when your application is approved.



Click the image to see an analysis of the childhood cancer research projects made possible by the partnership between CAC2 and the ICRP.

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