One of the main ways that CAC2 supports the childhood cancer community is by identifying and completing projects that individual organizations can’t complete and manage as easily or as effectively alone. The CAC2 Project Incubator and Accelerator supports this process by encouraging CAC2 members to submit concepts of collaborative projects that fulfill the CAC2 mission of fostering and sustaining greater levels of collaboration, information exchange, and learning across the childhood cancer community  in the areas of advocacy & awareness, research & treatment, family support & survivorship.

CAC2’s Project Incubator process provides the support of experienced volunteers to help guide members who have great ideas through the process of refining their ideas, presenting the concept to the full membership for endorsement, and support for engaging the greater community in the execution of the project.  Learn more about the process and our collaborative successes below!

CAC2 Project Incubator:
Where Collaborative Innovation grows

  • Member(s) have a great idea

  • The idea is researched and refined with support and coaching

  • Project is submitted to Project Incubator

  • Membership Votes on the Project and provides feedback

  • Project is Executed

“Coming together is a begining, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

-Henry Ford