Let’s imagine a world without childhood cancers!

The primary values underlying CAC2 are to put the children and their families first in everything we do and to support organizations active in the fight against childhood cancer.

Let’s imagine a world without childhood cancers!

CAC2 effectively advances a variety of childhood cancer causes by unifying the childhood cancer community through broad-based coordinated action and collaboration that leverages the strengths and expertise of its individual members and minimizes duplication of effort.

2018-19 Annual Report »

We want to share our latest accomplishments and vision with you. Please read our 2018-19 Annual Report.

Project Incubator »

We help childhood cancer advocates and organizations incubate and hatch golden egg ideas for our members to share. If you think you have an idea worth rolling out into the community, we want to help you!

CAC2 makes its By Laws, Conflict of Interest policy, and Federal Form 990 available for public inspection upon request.  Please email ADMIN@CAC2.ORG with any request to receive a copy of any of these documents.

CAC2 Board Members, 2018-19

Vickie Buenger, President
Independent Advocate

Ginger Diamond, Vice President and CAC2 Meetings Lead
Childhood Cancer Awareness Group of Coffee County

Steve Pessagno, Treasurer and Finance Lead
Independent Advocate

Kyle Matthews, Secretary and Technology Lead
Beat NB

Amy Weinstein, Assistant Secretary and Research Interest Group Liaison
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Kim Buff, Membership Lead

Donna Criner, Development Co-Lead
Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids Foundation

Mariah Forster Olson, Survivorship Liaison
Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society

Angie Giallourakis, Family Support Group Liaison
Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Fund

Jess Kean, Communication Lead and Advocacy Group Liaison
Children’s Cancer Cause

Tom Pilko, Nominating Committee Lead
Independent Advocate

Julie Sutherland, Marketing and Materials Lead
Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation


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