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The Foundation Match for Joint Research Funding searchable web platform enables CAC2 member organizations with like-minded missions to connect, collaborate, and fund research and other projects with a goal of preventing duplication of effort and creating a more coordinated funding effort to support research.

Why should my organization participate in Foundation Match?

Well over half of nonprofits plan to collaborate (formally or informally) with other nonprofits in response to the economic hardships resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.[1]  Funding collaboration among non-profit research funders can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Improved information and resource sharing

Don’t have a scientific review process? Partner with an organization that does and leverage their infrastructure.

  • Coordination rather than duplication of efforts

Save investigator application development time, reviewer time, and staff time; Grant more with less effort.

  • Amplification of outreach and messaging

Announce your funding through the extended networks of your collaborative team.

  • Ability to serve more people and new geographies

Extend your reach and applicant pool through combined outreach strategies.

  • Increased continuity and quality of programs and services

Two heads are better than one; two organizations can bring more resources to bear in terms of award selection and support.

For more information you can watch the CAC2 webinar embedded below, view this project’s Project Incubator slide deck, or contact the Research Interest Group at .

[1] Nonprofit Finance Fund,

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