CAC2 Board members serve staggered three-year terms.  Our members vote for a slate of candidates each summer at our Annual Summit Business Meeting.  Please email the board with any questions or concerns at .  You can reach individual Board Members on the links below.

*Executive Committee

Amy Weinstein*

Board Chair
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Amy Godkin*

Vice Chair and Family Support Liaison
ASK Foundation

Mariah Forster Olson*

Secretary and Survivorship Liaison
Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society

Sarah Bartosz*

Leadership Success Liaison
Beat Childhood Cancer

Ginny McLean*

Project and Campaign Oversight
Swifty Foundation

Caitlyn Barrett

Research Liaison
CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

Jeremy Bliler

Technology Lead
Gold Rush Cure Foundation

Ginger Diamond

Hospitality Lead
Childhood Cancer Awareness Group of Coffee County

Robin French

Webinar Lead/Nominating Co-Lead
The Morgan Adams Foundation

Jess Kean

Communication Lead/Awareness Liaison
Children’s Cancer Cause

Angela Lee

National Advocacy Liaison
Individual Member

Kim MacNeill

Membership Lead
The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation

Ann Ramer

State Advocacy Liaison
Individual Member

Steve Pessagno

Treasurer (ex officio)/Development Lead
Individual Member

Vickie Buenger

President Emeritus (ex officio)
Individual Member


Mandy Spielvogle Powell

Managing Director

Loren Thornburg

Operations Manager

Let’s Imagine a World Without Childhood Cancer!

Annual Reports