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CAC2 Bioethics White Paper Accepted at SIOP 2021 (on Saturday, October 23rd)

Access to the most promising pediatric cancer treatments is often achieved by participating in clinical trials. And private, nonprofit organizations have become a significant source of funding for these trials that are often left behind by industry. Drug development for pediatric cancer has expanded in recent years because nonprofits are stepping up. But federal reporting standards do not apply to nonprofits leaving them to try their best and hope for the best. This lack of formal oversight raised questions for a number of CAC2 members about the ethical, legal, and social commitments between non-profit funders and the patient communities they [...] Read more

CC Community News Digest (October 11-17)

Assorted news from last week: CAC2 Bioethics Think Tank will present a paper entitled Cultivating Ethically Sustainable Relationships with Stakeholders When Non-Profits Fund Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trials at SIOP 2021 (on Saturday, October 23rd). The National Childhood Cancer Registry (NCCR) issued an update this week of frequently requested incidence statistics based on the International Classification of Childhood Cancer (ICCC) using data from . It includes number of cases, age-adjusted incidence rates, and trends by characteristics including single age at diagnosis, sex, race/ethnicity, period of diagnosis, and cancer site and subsites.  The report contains data on 232,859* tumors in children under age […]

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CC Community News Digest (October 4-10)

Assorted news from last week: The FDA has granted a rare pediatric disease designation (RPDD) to lutetium-177(177Lu)-omburtamab-DTPA for use as a potential therapeutic option in pediatric patients with medulloblastoma, according to an announcement from CAC2 Member Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc.,  developer of the product. Cancers in children, adolescents and young adults can be resistant to medical treatments or recur even when initial treatments appear successful.  Findings of a 10-year study led by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, and in collaboration with the Beat Childhood Cancer Research Consortium, suggest that deeper genomic analysis and therapies […]

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CC Community News Digest (September 27-October 3)

Assorted news from last week: CAC2 Member Mary Beth Collins, highlights the importance of Childhood Cancer License Plates, how they amplify awareness efforts, the advocacy required to create these plates and CAC2’s Childhood Cancer License Plate awareness effort. Gavin Lindberg had an Opinion Piece published in The Washington Post titled “The US Should Invest in Children’s Health.” From the New England Journal of Medicine correspondence: Lorlatinib in a Child with ALK-Fusion–Positive High-Grade Glioma Mount Sinai researchers have developed a therapy that shows promise against acute myeloid leukemia. A new study based on patient samples collected over the past decade by […]

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Taking Childhood Cancer Advocacy on the Road: Childhood Cancer License Plates

By Guest Blogger CAC2 Member Mary Beth Collins, PREP4Gold For the entire month of September the world hears a great deal from the childhood cancer community, feverishly raising awareness, advocating for programs & funding, and sharing stories about treatment, survivorship, and bereavement. Social media posts are in abundance, medical experts and advocates are interviewed, and researchers publish papers with the latest data. Each day of the month, there is a great deal provided about childhood cancer as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) continues to strengthen in message and resolve. Come October 1st, some wonder what can be done to sustain [...] Read more

CC Community News Digest (September 13-26)

Assorted news from the last two weeks: In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, NCI Director Ned Sharpless reflected on the progress that’s been made against cancers that largely affect children. New Jersey established the “Pediatric Cancer Research Fund” and an advisory board within the New Jersey State Commission on Cancer Research for disbursement of monies deposited in the fund and provides voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for pediatric cancer research. Additionally, S3724 appropriates $5 million to the New Jersey Pediatric Cancer Fund. A study of children with cancer identified an association between physical activity, fatigue, […]

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CC Community News Digest (September 6-12)

Assorted news from the last week: This video abstract breaks down financial toxicity issues for families with special health care needs. Researchers have discovered that low-risk and high-risk neuroblastoma have different cell identities, which can affect the survival rate. Cisplatin, a chemotherapy drug known to cause hearing loss in children is more likely to do so the earlier in life children receive it, new UBC research has found. A new study of palliative care in pediatric oncology has found that non-White children were more likely to die in the hospital than White patients, but that the difference was in concordance with […]

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CC Community News Digest (August 30-September 5)

Assorted news from the last week: The White House issued a proclamation for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month on September 1. Canadian gold illumination! For every post that uses #KickChildhoodCancer on Twitter, Continental Tire will donate $1 to Children Oncology Group (up to $50,000) from September 1 – 30, 2021. Amazon Goes Gold helps fund pediatric cancer research, and is marking the campaign’s fifth year by highlighting important research over the last five years. Systematic ongoing follow-up of pediatric cancer patients who survive their disease is important to provide for early detection of and intervention for potentially serious late-onset complications. In […]

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CC Community News Digest (August 23-29)

Assorted news from the last week: Research led by SickKids and the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre found that a novel cancer predisposition screening tool shows promise for helping doctors better predict which childhood cancer survivors may be at risk of developing future cancers. A Lancet study examined a global cohort of children and adolescents with cancer and COVID-19. Children and adolescents with cancer and SARS-CoV-2 infection were more likely to develop severe and critical cases of COVID-19 compared with the general pediatric population. A new study has shown that the tumor-inhibiting gene TET2 is silenced […]

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CC Community News Digest (August 16-22)

Assorted news from the last week: Study finds cancer screening tool may help predict risk of developing new cancer among childhood cancer survivors. NCI has formed a new task force that aims to address gaps in information about quality of life experienced by AYA cancer survivors.  This task force will gather information directly from AYAs on how cancer and cancer treatments affect their quality of life—information known as patient-reported outcomes. A key goal of the task force is developing ways to standardize the collection of patient-reported outcomes from AYAs participating in clinical trials conducted through the NCI Community Oncology Research […]

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