In addition to our structured member-endorsed project process, CAC2 also promotes coordinated action through our Interest Groups and by providing our members with opportunities to connect with others to promote shared interests and support common activities. We also showcase our members’ collaborative efforts. Check out the numerous successes below that support childhood cancer and are a direct result of our members’ coordinated actions!

Gold Illumination
In September, CAC2 celebrates the many efforts made throughout the community to shine awareness on childhood cancer. The Event Map becomes the focal point of this effort, as CAC2 Awareness and Advocacy leads scour our members’ online platforms to identify building and landmark gold illumination announcements and capture them in map format to demonstrate the power of the community’s collective voice to bring awareness to childhood cancer.

Step Up for Childhood Cancer Advocacy Campaigns
CAC2 participates in the StepUp campaign, a coordinated community effort that allows individuals and organizations to work together to highlight and educate decision makers and the general public about the crucial need for increased childhood cancer funding.

Books by Members
CAC2 is proud to showcase a collection of published works by its members. Filled with practical first-hand experiences from the front lines of childhood cancer, the books found on our website are a wonderful resource for patients, families, and caregivers. The collection comprises both fiction and non-fiction books for all ages, and contains a wealth of valuable information and inspiration.

Anti-Bullying Campaign
Nationwide, children with cancer are 60% more likely to be bullied than their healthy classmates. CAC2 is committed to supporting those who have been hurt or harmed, to treating others with kindness, to accepting people’s differences, and to helping include those who are left out. In April 2019, members had an opportunity to participate in a national public service announcement drawing attention to childhood cancer and bullying.

Twitter Team
Members work with each other through social media and especially Twitter to amplify the impact of messaging in our community. They follow each other and thought leaders in the community, retweeting and sharing impactful messages with the rest of our community and emphasizing key hashtags.

Support for Legislation
Meaningful legislation that represents a consensus of community priorities is difficult to craft and even more challenging to pass through Congress. Passage of the Childhood Cancer STAR Act in 2018 was a milestone achievement that proved it is possible to join together as a powerful voice harnessing our collective strength.  Read further about our community’s legislative achievements and upcoming advocacy opportunities by visiting our Advocacy Interest Group.

Member Collaborative Achievements
CAC2 relishes the chance to celebrate the collaborative achievements of our members. When two or more members partner on an activity, program, initiative, or campaign, we salute them with a collaborative achievement badge and proudly share those accomplishments with our membership and on social media.

“Only by binding together in a single force will we remain strong and unconquerable.”

-Chris Bradford

Annual Reports