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Incubator & Accelerator

Welcome to the CAC2 Project Incubator and Accelerator

We help childhood cancer advocates and organizations incubate and hatch golden egg ideas for our members to share. If you think you have an idea worth rolling out into the community, we want to help you!

Why Incubate and Accelerate?

One of the main ways that CAC2 supports the childhood cancer community is by identifying and completing projects that individual organizations can’t do as easily or as effectively alone. The Project Incubator and Accelerator supports this process. From experience we have learned:

What’s Easy?
  • Agreeing to work together
  • Generating great ideas
What’s Harder
  • Selecting among ideas
  • Completing them

The Project Incubator and Accelerator creates a process that allows us to propose, review, select, and then work on the next great idea together!

Have an idea for a cac2 project?

Think you have an idea worth incubating? Make sure it fits with the CAC2 Guidelines (see CAC2 PROJECT GUIDELINES tab above) and then submit the Great Idea form.

Project Oversight Team

Contact us at if you have questions or need coaching from the Project Oversight Team.
  • Steve Pessagno
  • Bob Piniewski
  • Vickie Buenger
  • Lisa Towry

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