Active Projects

What Projects Are Completed and Ongoing?

  • Childhood Cancer Fact Library:  Repository of citable childhood cancer facts, figures, and issues
  • Central database of research initially funded by CAC2 members (member access only)
  • Evergreen Map/Calendar:  Year-round tracking tool for childhood cancer events and activities
  • Gold Awareness Project:  Compendium of creative ways to promote gold and September and increase awareness of childhood cancer
  • CureFest:  Awareness event in Washington D.C. to make childhood cancer research a national priority by uniting the childhood cancer community, the general public, the medical community and our elected leaders
  • Step Up for Childhood Cancer:  A coordinated awareness campaign with the Alliance for Childhood Cancer that allows individuals and organizations to work together to highlight and educate decision makers and the general public about the crucial need for increased childhood cancer funding
  • Summit and Annual Meeting, 2016:  Regular face-to-face networking meetings for information exchange, learning, collaborative project updates, and capability building

What Projects Are Underway?


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