Oct 25 - 26 2023

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Inaugural Childhood Cancer Prevention Symposium

Join top scientific experts, clinicians, researchers, NCI, childhood cancer foundations and advocates, agency officials, and many more for the inaugural Childhood Cancer Prevention Symposium.  This ground breaking meeting will take place at Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus in Washington, DC on October 25-26th, 2023.

Hosted by Steering Committee members: PREP4Gold, Swifty Foundation, Toxic Free Future for Our Children, Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, re: wild Your Campus, Carson Leslie Foundation, The Evan Foundation, Live Like Bella Childhood Cancer Foundation, Unravel Pediatric Cancer, Gift From a Child, Children’s Environmental Health Network, and the American Sustainable Business Network.

The purpose of this scientific symposium is to raise awareness of the topic of prevention overall, share action items and real strategies focussed on what prevention looks like and what prevention means, discuss the often overlooked research and clinical work underway designed to prevent and protect children in treatment from experiencing significant toxicities, and ultimately provide a charge to the community to collaborate and assist in moving impactful yet underfunded research projects forward that can and will create immediate changes in the lives of children fighting cancer and those to come.

Advocates, parents, family members should use promo code: PROMO2023  for complimentary registration.

Any questions please email Jonathan Eric Agin, JD, Executive Director, PREP4Gold Childhood Cancer Organization.

Day One Agenda

Day Two Agenda


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