Oct 09 - 10 2024

TimeEastern Time Zone

10:00 am - 3:15 pm

CureSearch 2024 Pediatric Early Development Symposium (PEDS)

The CureSearch annual Pediatric Early Development Symposium (PEDS) brings together key experts and stakeholders to address timely challenges and opportunities in pediatric cancer drug development. By facilitating critical conversations among relevant parties, the symposium serves as a platform for strategizing the advancement of new treatments towards regulatory approval and commercialization. 2024 PEDS, titled “Reality Check: Entrepreneurship and Regulatory Navigation in Pediatric Cancer Drug Development,” will explore the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape specific to pediatric cancer drugs and the significant challenges in translating novel discoveries from the lab into commercially available treatments. Essential strategies, such as utilizing innovative funding models and fostering collaborative partnerships that harness global expertise, will be discussed in depth as a means to expedite the process of bringing transformative therapies to the pediatric cancer patients who need them now. This event will be hosted virtually on October 9-10.


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