Mar 20 - 22 2024


4:00 pm - 10:30 am

The Mettle Method

Mettle Health is excited to announce that the first offering of the Mettle Method curriculum is now available for registration.
Led by BJ Miller and Ladybird Morgan, this first training will span 10 hours over 3 days and after that, will meet as a cohort virtually over the space of months, to check-in and further integrate the material into routine life.

This curriculum is designed for humans. Humans who are navigating their own suffering due to illness, those caring for them, as well as those caring for others in a clinical capacity. It is meant to foster therapeutic relational dynamics in the face of existential challenges. Palliative care’s mandate–to quell suffering and turn focus to the quality of life–is enormous and largely still undeveloped. Whatever frustration this brings, it’s also a call to get creative and generative.


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