Sep 24 2022

TimeEastern Time Zone

7:45 am - 11:30 am

Tough2gether Against DIPG/DMG Breakfast

This breakfast is THE gathering place for the DIPG/DMG community and those interested in supporting DIPG/DMG research, trials, advocacy, and family support.  In its second year, it promises to be the shot in the arm needed to rejuvenate the resolve that DIPG Won’t Wait, so neither will We.  This year’s theme is “Their Light Lights our Way. TOGETHER we celebrate the children who drew us to this cause as we gather around poster displays of the children of DIPG and remember their bravery during their battle of this 100% terminal diagnosis. With our industry partners and physician researchers we celebrate the advances of the last year made by a community resolved to beat DIPG/DMG.  TOGETHER we review new research highlights and legislation requiring our support.  Most captivating of all, we hear a fighter’s perspective and announce new accomplishments before resolving to work TOGETHER on gaps requiring our support.  For once you see DIPG/DMG up close, this most deadly of all childhood illness in the US, you cannot unsee its devastation.   The battlecry “We’re Comin’ for you DIPG, and we’re bringing an Army” is heard loud and clear throughout this program.

For additional information: or contact Lisa @ 620-669-7811


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