Three-quarters of CAC2 member organizations fund essential research projects related to childhood and AYA cancer.  The coverage is deep and broad:  across the spectrum of development, from basic research through to clinical trials; across a wide range of topics, including data sharing, crucial medicines, psycho-social standards, and survivorship; and across the country and around the world.

Research funded by our members is crucial to discovering more effective treatments that minimize side effects and increase quality of life during and after treatment.  Most importantly, that research investment represents a shared aim to find cures for all types of childhood cancer.  CAC2 celebrates each and every member’s efforts to help close the large and persistent gap between funding needs to achieve this goal andavailable resources.

CAC2 doesn’t just applaud our member’s individual efforts but strives to act as a catalyst for research members to work collaboratively to effect positive change in the childhood cancer research community.  The Research and Treatment Interest Group has a four-pronged strategy for achieving this goal.

  • Hosting educational conferences and webinars across a multi-disciplinary childhood cancer research audience to encourage exchange of information and build relationships
  • Providing information to respective members regarding co-funding research projects opportunities typically sourced by a member organization in need of additional funding
  • Developing online repositories for childhood cancer research progress including:
    • Founding of the Childhood Cancer Fact Library to assist CAC2 member organizations with current data and information related to progress in the childhood cancer arena
    • Launching the childhood cancer research project database with the International Cancer Research Partnership, a global source of cancer research projects, to help foster cooperation and strategic coordination between childhood cancer organizations
  • Establishing the Ethics Think Tank Working Group to help identify best practices and potential ethical issues associated with pediatric cancer charities that fund researchers and the relationships between those organizations and the research recipients.

The Research and Treatment interest Group strives to establish CAC2 as a credible resource for moving the field of pediatric cancer forward through thoughtful, progressive studies and projects.

ALL member organizations with a research interest or focus are encouraged to participate in the work of the CAC2 Research and Treatment Interest Group. Volunteers are welcome to join a committee on a rolling basis. Please contact us at  for more information.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

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