Childhood Cancer-A Parents Guide to Solid Tumor Cancers, 3rd Ed.

Childhood Cancer-A Parents Guide to Solid Tumor Cancers, 3rd Ed.

Each year more than 6,000 children and teens in the United States are diagnosed with a solid tumor (e.g., kidney tumor, liver tumor, neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, or sarcoma). This newly updated edition contains essential information families need from diagnosis through survivorship. It includes descriptions of the newest treatments, such as computer-assisted surgery, tandem stem cell transplants, and targeted therapies as well as practical advice about how to cope with diagnosis, medical procedures, hospitalization, school, and finances.

Woven throughout the text are true stories—practical, poignant, moving, funny—from more than 150 children with solid tumors, their siblings, and their parents. The text was reviewed by renowned experts in pediatric oncology, and the foreword was written by Garrett Brodeur, MD, Co-director of the Division of Oncology, Director of the Center for Childhood Cancer Research, and Director of the Hereditary Cancer Predisposition Program, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Anne Spurgeon and Nancy Keene

See Nancy Keene’s bio for Childhood Leukemia book, (above). Anne Spurgeon, trained as a historian at the University of Wisconsin, is the parent of a long-term survivor of rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue sarcoma. For more than 15 years, she served as the executive director of the Badger Childhood Cancer Network in Madison, Wisconsin. Its mission is to educate, support, serve, and advocate for children with cancer, their families, survivors of childhood cancer, and the professionals who care for them. Anne enjoys having adventures with her three young adult children; kayaking the beautiful lakes of Wisconsin; reading history, anthropology, and science; and making and drinking craft beer.