Hope has no Hair

Hope has no Hair

Our differences are what make us special.

Hope, a young cancer fighter, explores the feelings associated with losing her hair. Her family members comfort her throughout the journey as her own personal cheerleaders. Hope and her mama lean on each other as support
Award winning Philanthropist, Alison Hornung, along with Illustrator Kelly Mengarelli, has created a

Hope, a young cancer fighter, is going to shave her head today. She seeks out her mama to talk about her feelings and explore the emotions of losing her hair. Her family members encourage Hope to find the beauty in her differences. Is hair really all that matters in finding our true beauty?

Award winning philanthropist, Alison Hornung, and illustrator Kelly Mengarelli, bring us a heartwarming tale of bravery and community through “Hope has no Hair.”

Alison Hornung

Having been a childhood cancer advocate since the age of twelve, Ali Hornung understands the importance of helping children find the beauty in their differences.

Ella came into Ali’s life when she was in elementary school. Later, when Ali was in high school the two became close friends, fondly calling each other “Big Sis” and “Little Sis.” Ella inspired Ali’s passion for helping children battling cancer. After Ella’s passing Ali founded Glimmer of Hope Foundation.