CAC2 Special Community Webinar–G-CSF, Cancer Stem Cells and Relapsed Neuroblastoma: A New Study Opens Up Questions and Opportunities

During our May All-Member and Community webinar,  Scott Kennedy & Donna Ludwinski of Solving Kids’ Cancer moderated for our guest presenter, Dr. Jason Shohet addressed the findings of a new study, “G-CSF Promotes Neuroblastoma Tumorigenicity and Metastasis via STAT3-dependent Cancer Stem Cell Activation” published in the journal Cancer Research that identified a potential link between the use of the ​growth factor’s effect on cancer stem-like cells and progression and recurrence of neuroblastoma.  As senior author of the study, Dr. Shohet discussed the relevance of these findings within the current context of neuroblastoma patient care as well as the future treatment implications.

Topics covered include:

  • What is the evidence and implications related to G-CSF having a role in progression?
  • Is it safe for doctors to use G-CSF stimulating agents for patients with neutropenia?
  • What are the current and future therapeutic opportunities related to the G-CSF receptor and cancer stem-like cells?