CAC2 Webinar–Data Sharing in the Digital Age


Our April CAC2 All-member webinar was hosted by Amanda Haddock (Dragon Master Foundation) who welcomed and introduced fellow CAC2 member Dr. Warren Kibbe, Chief of Translational Biomedical Informatics in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, and Chief Data Officer at Duke Cancer Institute.  Dr. Kibbe helped us all understand why we should all care about data sharing, a topic that roared into national prominence in the State of the Union speech in February 2019.  You can view the presentation by clicking the link below

The role of publications, release of data, and well-documented scientific plans changed radically as we entered the digital age. Data sharing, like publications and the scientific literature, can dramatically improve scientific reproducibility and our ability to turn hypotheses into insights, insights into discoveries, and discoveries into tangible societal benefits like new therapies and products. Warren Kibbe, PhD, former acting deputy director of the NCI and now Chief Data Officer at Duke University, will introduce definitions (e.g., define data-sharing jargon), describe the aspects of effective policies, current technology (e.g., different platforms), as well as describe common data sharing challenges and potential solutions.

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