CAC2 Webinar–Lynne Davies, ICRP Funded Research Data Base Project–SLIDE DECK

lynne davies

The August All-Member call was dedicated to learning more about the International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP) Database, of which CAC2 will soon be a part.  The ICRP houses over 63,000 research projects that are uniformly coded and have a searchable interface (  Lynne Davies, the Operations Manager at ICRP, joined us from the UK; she started the call by reviewing the goals of the ICRP, membership advantages and details about uploading funded research projects.  Like CAC2, ICRP is a member-centric organization constantly seeking and evaluation the needs of its members, including enhancing the coding system in order for members to search it easily for their specific interests and publishing comprehensive topic-specific reports as requested by members!  To view Lynne’s presentation visit .

Next Steps:  The Database Committee is seeking individuals to help craft the process of uploading CAC2 members’ projects and facilitate the launch of the partnership. Since CAC2 will not be able to access ICRP data until our own research is added, this process needs to be refined (it is already drafted!) and data collected before we sign-up to be a partner with ICRP.  If you are interest in helping with this process, please contact .