Primer on State Cancer Action Plans Training Meeting

State-level advocacy is becoming a big opportunity across the country as it gives advocates another way to get involved in addition to going to DC.  This has been more and more apparent over the last year as people haven’t felt comfortable traveling as much.

The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) and the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) co-hosted an online advocacy training meeting focused on State Cancer Action Plans on May 11.  Such plans, mandated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), articulate the challenges and issues posed by cancer in each state and often include goals, objectives, and strategies to help inform and guide communities in the fight against cancer.

Currently, only 21 states include specific childhood cancer language in their State Cancer Plans.  Even states with inclusive language may not have accompanying goals, objectives, or deliverables as part of their plan.

As you well know, advocacy takes everyone doing their part.  Working shoulder to shoulder will help us accomplish more.