CAC2 Webinar–The Blood-Brain Barrier: What If You Could Get Drugs Across?

In this January 2017  CAC2 All-Member webinar, we provided an opportunity to our members, associate members, student members, and supporting organizations to learn about emerging technology using ultrasound and microbubbles to deliver therapeutic agents across the blood-brain barrier.  Clay Larsen, President & CEO and Rhodemann Li, Founder, EVP Strategy & Finance, both of Vesselon, presented about their plans for this technology in the pediatric brain tumor population.

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is the body’s natural defense mechanism to prevent toxins from entering the brain.  Unfortunately, it also prevents 99% of all therapeutic molecules from getting to their target to treat many diseases, such as brain cancer and neurodegenerative conditions.  Vesselon is developing a novel noninvasive ultrasound and injected microbubble solution that safely and temporarily opens the BBB to allow any existing or experimental molecule to get to its target, without requiring any modifications to the drug.  Larsen and Li engaged the audience in a conversation around ways to accelerate progress to bring this technology to the clinic to help pediatric brain tumor patients.
If you would like to read further about the scientific basis for this process, please consider reading Targeted drug delivery across the blood–brain barrier using ultrasound technique.