CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest (January 15-21)

Assorted News from the Last Week: The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) takes great pride in introducing its groundbreaking CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit. Training that increases self-confidence, reduces personal limitations, and decreases perceived barriers to fertility preservation (FP) care among oncology nurses can improve their ability to counsel patients about fertility preservation. Scientists at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) have published an in-depth study into how the immune system’s T cells target pediatric brain tumors. Their research suggests that a small number of pediatric brain tumor patients already have cancer-fighting T cells within their tumors. High-deductible health plans erect ‘barriers’ [...] Read more

CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest (January 8-14)

Assorted News from the Last Week: The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) takes great pride in introducing its groundbreaking CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit. Scientists found that two common biomarkers could predict cardiomyopathy that is otherwise undetected by conventional screenings in childhood cancer survivors. Michael Strahan's 19-year-old daughter Isabella is battling a malignant brain tumor known as medulloblastoma, the "Good Morning America" co-anchor and his daughter shared Thursday. Cancer specialists remain baffled about the cause(s) of an alarming increase in cancer among younger adults. (gated) The use of low-dose carvedilol did not significantly improve certain cardiac measures of heart failure risk in [...] Read more

Empowering Lives After Cancer: Introducing the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer’s CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit

In the continually evolving landscape of cancer care, the survivorship phase stands as a pivotal and unique challenge. Recognizing the significance of this critical juncture, the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) takes great pride in introducing its groundbreaking CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit. This meticulously curated online resource, boasting over 500 resources and publications, is designed to meet the diverse needs of childhood, adolescent, and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors and their families throughout the lifespan. Let’s delve into the distinguishing features that set the CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit apart as a vital support resource for individuals navigating the intricate journey of life […]

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CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest (December 18-January 7)

Welcome to 2024 and the 201st edition of the CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest! Assorted News from the Last Week: The FDA granted a Fast Track Designation to the development program of SONALA-001 in combination with the INSIGHTEC Exablate 4000 Type-2 Device for the treatment of patients with DIPG. Children who have survived cancer have twice the odds of developing prediabetes (a precursor to full-blown diabetes) compared to kids without any history of cancer. A brother's promise: I pledge to extend my advocacy beyond borders, raising awareness, mobilizing resources, and championing research on a global scale. Together, let us [...] Read more

Joseph’s Legacy: A Personal Odyssey in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

By CAC2 Student Member Joshua Omale   In the hushed corridors of my memories, Joseph's laughter remains a poignant melody, forever intertwined with the tale of his unwavering courage in the face of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. A journey that began with a misdiagnosis, the local hospital here initially labeled his symptoms as malaria, an oversight that cast a shadow over the critical early stages of his battle. It wasn't until we sought refuge in the halls of a larger hospital in another city that the cruel reality unveiled itself – Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a formidable adversary masked in the guise of a [...] Read more

Grief and the Holidays

By CAC2 Organizational Member Katie Holcomb (Ryan’s Case for Smiles) When you’re grieving the loss of your child, holidays are tough. Instead of bringing joy and good tidings, the holiday season can increase feelings of sadness and loss. Even if you don’t celebrate a winter holiday, watching others come together can make you miss your child and old life, even more. While this is expected, it does not mean it isn’t hard. Below are a few ideas to help you manage grief this holiday and future ones to come.     Am I Grieving? As the holidays draw near, you […]

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CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest (December 11-17)

For many, the holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and reflection. However, families dealing with the harsh reality of pediatric cancers face exceptional challenges during this time. Instead of partaking in joyous traditions, they find themselves navigating a cancer diagnosis while seeking support and optimal treatment options or, worse, grieving a child lost to the disease.   At CAC2, we are proud of our collaborative network of 500+ members who hail from 41 states and nine countries. We are all committed to ending childhood cancer and, thus, ensuring that every child has a future filled with joyous holidays [...] Read more

Compassionate Counseling Services are Available for Families Dealing with Pediatric Cancer

A pediatric cancer diagnosis can shatter the world of any family, plunging them into a challenging and emotionally tumultuous journey. Amidst the physical and medical aspects of treatment for the diagnosed child, the psychological toll on the families should not be underestimated. Recognizing the importance of mental health support becomes paramount to helping families cope, heal, and find hope in the face of childhood cancer. The Emotional Impact: Pediatric cancer not only affects the child diagnosed, it reverberates throughout the entire family and primary caregivers. Parents and grandparents often grapple with a rollercoaster of emotions—fear, anxiety, guilt, and helplessness. Siblings […]

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CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest (December 4-10)

Assorted News from the Last Week: CAC2 Members Nicole Scobie (Zoe4Life) and Nick Bird (Solving Kids' Cancer-UK) contributed to this Journal of Clinical Oncology commentary calling for a new regulatory approach for developing CAR-T therapies for pediatric cancer patients. CAC2 Members, Focused Ultrasound Foundation and Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation (AWOCCF) are pleased to announce their first collaborative initiative to fund a research project exploring the role of noninvasive focused ultrasound in treating high-risk pediatric neuroblastoma. BrainChild Bio, a newly-launched spinout of Seattle Children’s Hospital focused on childhood central nervous system cancers launches and rather than starting with regulatory [...] Read more

CAC2 Childhood Cancer Community News Digest (November 27-December 3)

Assorted News from the Last Week: Dr. Andy Kolb of CAC2 Member Leukemia & Lymphoma Society explains why a well-meaning FDA policy is a threat to pediatric cancer treatment. Pediatric cancer survivors treated with abdominopelvic region radiotherapy (ART) have an increased risk of colorectal cancer (CRC), according to research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. CAR-T therapy was first approved in November 2017 for life-threatening blood cancers. But recently, the F.D.A. said, it had received 19 reports of new blood cancers in patients who received the treatment. ASCO issues clinical guidance for alternative treatments during oncology drug shortages Scientists [...] Read more

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