STAR Act Co-Sponsor Map

Thanks to the many-faceted efforts in the childhood cancer community, the STAR Act has reached a tipping point (173 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives as of March 3, 2016).  This is an important milestone in moving the bill through the legislative process.  In March the focus is to push for even more co-sponsors, with a strong emphasis on Members who serve on the Energy & Commerce Committee.  We want as many Members as possible supporting the bill, so that we can move the bill to a successful committee hearing. 

This map will help you locate your Representative:

Hovering over or clicking each marker will reveal the Members’ twitter handle, office phone, and a link to their website with an email contact form.

  1. gold star means, you should say “Thank You!”  Your Rep is already a co-sponsor.
  2. A black telephone means you should reach out (call, email, and tweet) and invite your Rep to sign on.
  3. red telephone means your Rep is on the E&C Committee and hasn’t yet signed on.  These are important targets!
  4. The website has all the resources you need to explain to your Member of Congress why this is important

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