Advocates Conference Call

Come call-in to share and discuss bills, regulations, and regulatory efforts you are working on to benefit children with cancer, or call-in to hear what others are working on.     December 2, 2013, 12:00 – 1:00 EST Conference call number: 712-432-0850...

From the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus–Concerns about Daunorubicin Shortage

Link to Original on the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus website Nov 12, 2013 Caucus Asks Questions about the Ongoing Shortage of Daunorubicin WASHINGTON, D.C. – Out of concern over the ongoing shortage of daunorubicin, an essential therapy in...

The Power of Color

There are four boxes in this picture; each box contains colors, a pink box, a green box, a rainbow colored box, and a gold box. When I asked people what the pink box meant to them most answered, “breast cancer” When I asked about the green box a great...


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