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CAC2 Member Blog–Curing Childhood Cancer: “My What If?”

By CAC2 Member Amber Larkin, Noah's Light Foundation Last fall, Amber Larkin stepped onto the stage for 18 minutes at the TEDx Orlando event in the Winter Garden Theater. Most of those in attendance had no idea that the contents of those 18 minutes would reshape the way they think about cancer forever. Amber’s compelling story of her son, Noah, his battle with brain cancer and the hope that has resulted from her tireless work to find a cure brought the audience to laughter, to tears and eventually to their feet. We are pleased to share Amber’s inspiring speech with [...] Read more

CAC2 Member Blog–Be A Voice for the Children

By CAC2 Members Dena Sherwood, Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation and Mike Gilette, The Truth 365 Tonight, 1/21, at 8 pm ET:  Join forces with over 700 organizations and groups by helping launch the powerful short film, “Be a Voice for the Children.” Produced by the Emmy® Award-Winning team at The Truth 365, this 8-minute video features interviews with 15 young cancer fighters who share their fears, frustrations, dreams and goals. They also tell viewers exactly what they can do to help make childhood cancer research a national priority. This grassroots effort is for the entire childhood cancer community and designed […]

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CAC2 Member Blog–The Power of Color

By CAC2 Member Tony Stoddard, Sophia’s Fund There are four boxes in this picture; each box contains colors, a pink box, a green box, a rainbow colored box, and a gold box. When I asked people what the pink box meant to them most answered, “breast cancer” When I asked about the green box a great deal of people said, “The environment or recycling” When I asked about the rainbow colored box a lot of people replied, “gay rights” When I asked what the gold box meant to them I received answers such as, “I don’t know, or it means […]

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CAC2 Member Blog–NCI Funding: more lies, damn lies and statistics…

  By CAC2 Member Bob Piniewski, People Against Childhood Cancer The recent post on the National Cancer Institute’s Pediatric Cancer Research and Pediatric Cancer-Related Activities Report discussed NCI’s response to a direct statement from Congress saying “intensify pediatric cancer research” and a direct question from Congress asking for a report “on the actions it has taken to implement the research-specific portions of the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act“.  NCI essentially replied…”we’ve got it covered” and was commended by Congress. I respectfully disagree. Until no child dies from cancer and the cure does not cause significant long-term health effects […]

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CAC2 Member Blog–Childhood Cancer Advocacy and Direction: The Tail Wagging the Dog

  By CAC2 Individual Member Jonathan Agin Lately, I have wondered whether or not the childhood cancer community is on the right track overall. By this, I mean, is the direction of the community in terms of raising money, awareness and the manner of funding research the best approach as a whole? I honestly do not know. I raise the question to suggest simply that it may not be and thus, a hard conversation and internal focus might be necessary. Despite the false and misleading suggestion that is presented by the message that 80 to 85 percent of all children diagnosed […]

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